February 6th

Patrick’s Day had its premiere last night in The Lighthouse Cinema and was attending by a host of stars including Damien Dempsey and Jack Reynor. Below are a few photos but the remainder can be viewed on our Facebook page here.

A wonderful piece by Garreth O’Connor in The Irish Times today which can be viewed here.

February 5th

Moe Dunford brought Patrick’s Day home to Dungarvan last night, the reaction was amazing and the film received rave reviews and another standing ovation. Below are some photos of the night, more can be seen on our Facebook page here.

February 4th

Big news this morning!! A couple of days before our Irish release Patrick’s Day is announced as winner of the MANHATTAN FEATURE FILM PROJECT. This means that between March 5th and 8th Patrick’s Day will screen in over 50 cinemas across the United States!

Another 5 Star Review!! Scannain have called Patrick’s Day a powerful, hard-hitting, exquisitely performed, emotional ride of a film!

February 2nd

“Jaw-droppingly good. And you can quote me on that” Paul Byrne’s 5 STAR review of Patrick’s Day!

January 30th

Take a look at this brand new trailer for the European Shooting Stars 2015 starring our very own Moe Dunford!

January 28th

Festival and Gig Guide claim that “Terry McMahon’s artistry in constructing a movie that tells an emotionally, politically and socially charged story, on a small budget, with great grace and passion, enlisting an exceptional award-winning cast and crew, is the substance of genius.”

January 27th

Today Wildcard Distribution have announced that Professor Ivor Browne, Terry McMahon and the cast will be taking part in a Q&A hosted by Elaine Crowley after the Patrick’s Day opening night screening at IFI on February 6th. You can check out the full details and a link to buy tickets here.

Last night The Irish Times, Cineworld and Wildcard Distribution came together for a special screening of Patrick’s Day for competition winners, the film was received very well with the audience giving a standing ovation as Terry McMahon and Moe Dunford arrived for the Q&A.

January 26th

There will be two special preview screenings in the run up to the cinema release on the 6th of February, they are as follows;

February 4th – SGC Dungarvan screening followed by Q&A with Terry McMahon and Moe Dunford

February 6th – Opening night screening at the IFI followed by Q&A with Ivor Browne, Terry McMahon & the cast

Patrick’s Day will be released in the following cinemas from February 6th;


Cineworld                                               IMC Screen

Irish Film Institute                                Lighthouse Cinema

IMC Dun Laoghaire                              Movies @ Dundrum

IMC Santry                                               Movies @ Swords

Omniplex Rathmines


Omniplex Cork                                     IMC Mullingar

Triskel Cork                                           Mayo Movieworld

IMC Galway                                           Movies @ Gorey

The Eye Galway                                     Gaiety in Sligo

Omniplex Limerick                               SGC Dungarvan

Arc Cinema Drogheda

Moe Dunford talks to Paul Byrne at IFTN ahead of Patrick’s Day cinema release on 6th February #loveismadness take a look at the full interview here.

January 22nd

Patrick’s Day director Terry McMahon talks openly and honestly with Hot Press magazine about his experience of being homeless and the upcoming release of the film on February 6th. Hot Press is on sale tomorrow but you can check out a quick preview here

January 21st

Patrick’s Day has started popping up in cinemas across the country! Cinema release 6th February 2015 #loveismadness

January 19th

If you are around Temple Bar check out the incredible mural dedicated to Patrick’s Day by Kevin Bohan


January 8th

Today just gets better for Patrick’s Day, check out who made it to number 7 of top ten movies of 2014!

Not a bad way to start of the Palm Springs International Film Festival! The Desert Sun gives Patrick’s Day a 9 out of 10 ahead of its first screening on Friday!

Patrick’s Day is screening at Palm Springs International Film Festival this Friday 9th January!

Excellent piece by Hot Press on Patrick’s Day, check it out here!

January 5th

Take a look at some of the posters advertising Patrick’s Day February 6th cinema release!

December 11th

Today, on his birthday of all days – describing him as having “the ingredients of a modern-day Hollywood hero” - Moe Dunford has been nominated for the Shooting Star Award at the 65th Berlin Film Festival. Read Moe’s reaction in an interview with Scannain here. Congratulations Moe!!

The Journal points out that Moe now has a little something in common with Daniel Craig!

December 5th

This is it folks PATRICK’S DAY will be released on February 6th 2015!! See you all in the cinema!

December 2nd

When the fantastic Woodstock Film Festival folks asked Terry McMahon to write on Patricks Day at the Festival they weren’t expecting this

Patrick's Day wins big at Woodstock Film Festival

Patrick’s Day wins big at Woodstock Film Festival

November 27th

“To honour the heritage of a country” the legendary Les Arcs Film Festival in France have decided that “selected master works will be screened in order to pay tribute to a relevant film-maker or a specific cinematic trend that characterise the national film culture.” They have made fourteen selections from Ireland, including icons like BLOODY SUNDAY, ONCE, INTERMISSION, THE GENERAL, MICHAEL COLLINS and IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER. Oh yeah, they’ve also chosen some little flick called PATRICK’S DAY!!


November 20th

“Underneath Patrick’s Day is also a very strong comment on the state of the nation, a very precise metaphorical representation of Ireland that adds a further layer of depth to this remarkable, courageous and ambitious feature.” Check out this incredible article on Patrick’s Day!

November 19th

Director, Terry McMahon, Actor Moe Dunford, Doctor Pat Bracken, Professor Ivor Browne and James Mulligan during Illuminate’s discussion after the screening Patricks Day at Cork Film Festival!


November 17th

Check out what The Irish Times had to say about Patrick’s Day big win at the Cork Film Festival

November 16th

Cork Film Festival announce their Audience Award Winner…..Patricks Day! Hurrah! Thank You very much to all who voted!


November 11th

He’s excited about everything! Terry talks to to the folks at the Internationales Filmfestival Mannheim-Heidleberg.

Terry McMahon speaks in today’s Irish Independent ahead of “Patrick’s Day” at the Cork Film Festival on Friday 14th November.

31st October 2014

“Few will be able to deny that Patrick’s Day is a superb piece of Irish cinema and one of the most important films of the year – unmissable.” had some amazing things to say about Patrick’s Day!

Patrick’s Day is in competition with twelve movies at Mannheim and three of those have been nominated for Best Foreign Language Film at the 2015 Academy Awards, check out what Scannain had to say about this huge news!

28th October 2014

The Huffington Post reporting on how Patrick’s Day “handsome and irreverent” director Terry McMahon charmed the audience!

22nd October

Patrick’s Day has been making the headlines at home and abroad! Check out what RTE have to say about our latest win, we are so excited and humbled by the reaction to the film in The New York Examiner!

21st October 2014

Check out Terry, Moe and Tim collecting the Grand Jury Prize!!

Side note from Terry before you watch – “The beautifully polite Yanks are unaccustomed to foul mouth fucks at their festivals but, by the time we’d collected the cinematography and editing awards, Oscar winner Melissa Leo announced the winner of the Grand Jury Prize as. “Fuckin’ Patrick’s Day.” There was also a bloke before us whose mother starred in his short film and, when she appeared on stage with him, the audience felt all warm and fuzzy – which might help you understand their reaction to the joke about my mother.”

20th October 2014

Patrick’s Day hits the trifecta according to the Hollywood reporter!

Check out what Haskell Wexler ASC had to say about Patrick’s Day DP, Michael Lavelle;

Dear Woodstock,
Please award my enthusiastic selection of Michael Lavelle, the D.P. of “Patrick’s Day”. This award is based on what I consider true cinematography, not just on the traditional photographic dexterity. He has that.

Michael Lavelle’s work on “Patrick’s Day” shows a profound understanding of the story and his ability to employ DP skills such as framing, focus, lighting and camera movement is subtle, in un-selfconscious ways to subliminally involve the viewer.

One of many examples is the transition from the viewer to the POV of the psychologically troubled main character, contrasted to what we consider the “sane”. This, not unlike the Cuckoo’s Nest question of who belongs in society’s booby hatch.

I give this award enthusiastically to an exceptional, talented film-maker, Michael Lavelle.

Take it easy but take it,
Haskell Wexler ASC

Patrick makes front page news with his Woodstock wins!


19th October 2014

Patrick’s Day wins big at Woodstock Film Festival! Best Cinematography for Michael Lavelle, Best Editing for Emer Reynolds & the grand prize of Best Feature Narrative. Go Patrick!

16th October 2014

Terry McMahon and Moe Dunford at the Patrick’s Day screening at the DGA Theatre in LA!


11th October 2014

Huge success yesterday at the DGA Theatre on Sunset Boulevard! Check out Tim Palmer, Terry McMahon and Moe Dunford at the Q&A



10th October 2014

Today is World Mental Health Day and there has been uplifting coverage across the media promoting positive mental health! It is so fitting that today Patrick’s Day is in America screening at the DGA Theatre on Sunset Boulevard!



8th October 2014

Patrick’s Day received staff pick from Woodstock Film and Music Festival! The film will not only be showing at the festival but was one of only eight films to be selected for competition including for the Haskell Wexler Cinematography Award at this years Maverick Awards.

Patrick’s Day has its name in lights at Mill Valley Film Festival



5th October 2014

Patrick’s Day is off to America for screenings at Mill Valley Film Festival, Woodstock Film and Music Festival and at a very special screening at DGA Theatre in LA over the next few weeks! Keep up with  all the news here or on our Facebook or Twitter accounts.

3rd October 2014

Wildcard Distribution has acquired the Irish distribution rights to Patrick’s Day and it will be in cinemas early 2015! Check out what RTE and Scannain have to say about this huge news!

Irish News Review looks at Patrick’s Day ahead of Mental Health Awareness Week.

1st October 2014

Check out the amazingly talented Zack Boone’s track “Beautiful” which features in Patrick’s Day.

Patrick’s Day has been awarded two jury awards at Hell’s Half Mile Film and Music Festival 2014! The film was awarded Best Actor for Moe Dunford’s incredibly powerful performance as Patrick and Best Screenplay for Terry McMahon’s hard hitting script.

20th September 2014

Out of thousands of submission Patrick’s Day has been selected as one of eight films for competition at the iconic Woodstock Film Festival 2014! Check out the programme here.

Terry McMahon has a message for Hell’s Half Mile Film and Music Festival.

9th September 2014

Patrick’s Day has been selected by the California Film Institute for the Mill Valley Film Festival which runs from 2-12 October! Check out the info here.

7th September 2014

Patrick’s Day is off to ‘Hell’s Half Mile Film and Music Festival‘ in Bay City, Michigan, where we have been nominated for Best Actress, Best Actor, Best Soundtrack, Best Screenplay and Best Film. The festival runs from September 25th – 28th.

26th August 2014

Terry McMahon talks to Scannain about all things Patrick’s Day.

On the Reel offer their congrats to Patrick’s Day.

The reaction to Patrick’s Day winning the Finders Series Award keeps on coming! The Irish Film and Television Network gave their opinion this morning and it seems the news has reached as far as Europe with this Cineuropa piece.

25th August 2014

The Irish Film Board talk about Patrick’s Day and the Screen Directors Guild Finders Series Award here.

Check out Film Ireland’s piece on Patrick’s Day winning the Finders Series Award here.

There’s no love like loud film audience love, check out the audience reaction when Patrick’s Day won Best Film at the Galway Film Fleadh!

22nd August 2014

Patrick’s Day has been awarded Screen Directors Guild Finders Series Award and will be heading to LA for a screening in October!

Read the Daily Edge article here.

Read what Scannain had to say here.

22nd July 2014

More Galway reactions and link to the post screening Q&A:

Q&A Patricks Day at 2014 Galway Film Fleadh

Gar O’Brien’s reaction to the screening.

Joe Caslin’s reaction to the screening.

13th July 2014

Patrick’s Day wins Best Feature at Galway Film Fleadh!

The Irish Times

“…an interesting, original, ultimately moving take on mental illness…an unsettling phantasmagoria whose very oddness is hard to resist. I recommend Patrick’s Day with some enthusiasm (and they can quote me on that).”

Fionnuala Flanagan’s reaction to the film

One of the most powerful movies I’ve seen in my life

Dave Byrne of Underground Film Festival on watching ‘Patrick’s Day’

“That film is going to be such an important film in the independent Irish film scene…It’s iconic.”

New York ‘Irish Voice’ article on ‘Patrick’s Day’

‘Flickfeast’ Edinburgh feature interview


30th June 2014

Here’s a rave review from the Edinburgh International Film Festival.

And here’s the longer interview with Terry McMahon

March 31st 2014

The Irish Voice ran this article on Patrick’s Day


March 14th 2014

IndieWire in America just released this exclusive clip of one of the more gentle, softer scenes from Patrick’s Day. Check it out here..



Patrick’s Day had its international premiere screening at SXSW in March this year.

The World Premiere was at Rollins Theatre at the Long Centre